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I teach the Reiki Classes in an informal way and in very small groups of 3-5 participants. The classes consist of a course manual, lots of talk and information as well as hands-on experience.


Get in touch with me if you are interested in inviting Reiki in your life and we can find the perfect time for you to do a course.

"Susanna, has a very warm personality and very assuring in her teaching. She shares openly  her skills and provides good notes to her training of Reiki.

I truly appreciate that Susanna shares her personal spiritual journey with us of how she discovered energy healing. 

In Susanna, I have found a teacher and a friend!"

- Corinne M.

Reiki Practitioner Course, February 2024


Title page of Reiki Manual

In this class, you hear about the history of Reiki, how it is taught, how it is used. This class also introduces the concept of 'holistic health care', the seven chakras and how to use 'hands on healing' for yourself and your family.

The course takes place over three half-days plus a follow-up half day after three weeks. There is lots of theory, discussion and hands-on experience.

After the class, you are required to do a 21-day hand-placement on yourself to fully activate your Reiki channels.


Reiki on Child

In Reiki II you will learn the first three sacred symbols of Reiki, so you can do remote/distant healing. This allows us work with past, present and future issues (related to health, work, schooling, family life etc.).​This course brings you to a 'Reiki Practitioner' Certification.

This course takes place over three to four half-days plus a follow-up half day after three weeks. Theory goes along with meditations, hands-on experience and interaction.


After this class, a 21-day hand placement period is required as well.


Level 3a - Reiki Master Course

Reiki level 3a is suitable for everyone who wants to master Reiki without the pressure of teaching. In this class we introduce the fourth symbol, the spiritual symbol and all that it encompasses.

Level 3a & 3b - Reiki Master / Teacher

Reiki level 3b takes Reiki to the teacher level - you will learn how to attune others to the healing art of Reiki.


Both levels come with separate manuals, and Reiki level 3a must be completed before taking Reiki 3b. I highly recommend taking it to the teacher level even if you only intend attuning family members.

I usually teach Reiki III in one go over the course of four to five half-days, with a follow-up half day three weeks later.


If it has been a while since you last took your Reiki course and you want to refresh your skills, get in touch with me and we can do an individualised refresher course.

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