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Alternative healing practices have always fascinated me and over the years I was over and again impressed by the abilities of people to see, feel, hear much more than I did at that time.


A 'health scare' prompted me to try out BodyTalk and I haven't looked back since. Thanks to this, I have in the mean time finished many courses in BodyTalk (certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2009, Mindscape), immersed myself into the world of Reiki (Reiki Master since 2009), done courses in EFT, numerology, essential oils, Mindfulness and more.


At the same time, my spiritual side became deeper and wider. Even though I do not subscribe to any institutionalized religion, I believe that they all come together in their ethics: we should all try to be the best people we can be at any point of time and thus create a loving society. I believe that the angels support me in my quest to help make the world a better place, one step at the time.

Born and raised in Switzerland, I moved into the corporate world when I was 18 and loved it. My interest in people took me to Human Resources and later specifically into International Human Resources. This brought me to New York and then to Hong Kong, where I met my husband, finished my MBA education and had two wonderful children. From then on I worked part-time and delved more and more into holistic well-being.

Singapore has been our home since 2007.


I am happy that Pinnacle Chiropractic Health Group has provided me with the opportunity to follow my passion for Reiki/Mindfulness Teaching and Reiki Practice and I look forward to meeting you.

yours, Susanna

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