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What Clients Say...

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"While I was on holidays, I got the Shingles. It was painful, but I managed to do the treatment and still had a nice trip. 

When I was my return flight, however, I guess due to the plane pressure, the nerves affected by the shingles got very painful. Soon after, my throat started to hurt quite badly, and I was not sure if I was choking with an allergy or just having a very painful sore throat. 

I honestly felt quite desperate, but then I remembered my mindfulness meditations. I played relaxing music and started to tell my body to let go and relax. I managed my breathing and, relaxed little by little, body part by body part, I could breathe again. I was so relaxed that I even managed to sleep for about five hours after that. 

I felt so grateful, thankful, and relieved that I had this amazing tool. 

I wanted to share this story with you and thank you!

- Maria A.

Mindfulness Experience, June 2024

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