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A holistic way to improving your well-being

Being well is the result of many factors playing together.

One of them is the physical - the body. So we should take care of it by eating well, doing sports, getting enough sleep.

Another is the spirit - if you feel connected with a higher source, you are more at peace, you tend to worry less and live more in the now.

Thirdly, taking care of the soul, nourishing and listening to it, plays another important role in our well-being.

I hope that through some of the services I provide I can help you connect more with one or several of the above three areas of well-being.

Take a moment to browse through these pages. Whilst I am in the process of registering the business entity I do not offer any sessions, but this should change soon. The content of this website will of course also change as I continue to put more information on it.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you! With love, Susanna

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