“Susanna is a very gifted healer and teacher. Her holistic and practical approach to Reiki and BodyTalk have helped me build greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.

From our very first session, I felt the high level of presence and energy she provides. Her kind and supportive nature allows for deeper levels of healing to unfold.

Thanks for your compassion Susanna.”

-Marcus M.

"I have been a student of holistic lifestyles for years.  I signed up for the Reiki level 1 course, assuming I would have enough of an overview with just the first level to infuse that into my life.  Susanna’s passion, her ability to share and convey the material was so inspiring, I did not hesitate to complete the Reiki Master course in its entirety. 


Susanna is an incredible teacher. She provided excellent material to study from and use as resources, but most of all her generosity in time and sharing allowed for in depth conversations and reflections that made the material come to life. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in Reiki to work with Susanna and immerse yourself in the beauty of what this practice can bring to your life."

-Nadja Pizzo, Yoga and Health Coach

"Susanna is an incredibly gifted Reiki teacher, whose warmth and ability ensures that her students not only learn to appreciate and apply the methodology of this healing art, they also are encouraged to incorporate it into their daily lives, thereby  promoting greater harmony both internally and externally.

Susanna’s lessons are very well organised and timed, her booklets are thoughtfully prepared and the additional research that she does for each class is inspiring.  Her lessons are always engaging, informative, practical and restorative.

Most importantly, when you are in Susanna’s company, her calmness and authenticity is so reassuring that you know that she is the embodiment of a true Reiki Master. “

-Anita Beacroft

“I did my Reiki Master Training with Susanna. She is a great teacher, very patient and trustworthy.

Her way of combining her knowledge with with creative ways to put them into practice is amazing. Thank you, Susanna, for sharing your Reiki way with me.”

-Evelyn Foerster

"Spoken word poet Phil Kaye wrote: “If you watch the sunset too often, it just becomes 6pm.” Step in Mindfulness to ensure that never, ever happens please! 

Mindfulness is a trending topic of conversation these days and with excellent reason. I am three weeks into Susanna's eight week course and loving it.  Mindfulness is predominantly about a mind reset.


Spreading the practice and learning over two months is a more assured way of fully immersing yourself and learning the discipline to bring about change in your life.


Susanna's daily motivational WhatsApp prompt are really helpful too, along with the choice of 15 or 25 minute meditative body scans are a wonderful routine.


I unreservedly recommend Susanna’s course."

- Aloise Price