Going on an 8-week mindfulness experience and has proven to be a wonderful experience for all participants.

Why 8 weeks?

Mindfulness is not something you can 'just learn' in a classroom. You have to understand it and its benefits and integrate it into daily live. This is a process, and every day is an opportunity to begin anew.

During the 8-week process, we dive into a different aspect of mindfulness every week and get the chance to incorporate the new information into our lives. We discuss 'Attention and The Now', automatic behavior and thinking, judgment, acceptance, goals, compassion and the Ego, and bring them in relationship with each other and mindfulness.

By going through this process in a group in which the participants support each other and share their experiences, the transfer of the course topics into daily life is reinforced.

What is the course format?

We meet once a week. During these 2 1/2 hour sessions, we go deeper into different aspects of Mindfulness through discussions, presentation of theory and meditations. Then, you go home and practice - supported by daily reminders from my side.

What is included?

The course fee includes 8 classes, snacks, a course manual, recorded meditations, daily reminders and of course my continuous support.

light in mindfulness

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